Our goal is to restore normal movement and alignment to the problem areas of your spine so your nervous system can work at its best.  A well-maintained spine helps you to feel better, look better and develops fewer problems over the course of your lifetime.

We also offer guidance on proper nutrition, exercise, whole food supplementation and pelvic stabilizing orthotics for a healthy lifestyle that supports the work we do in the office.

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Although our goal is the same, the ways we achieve it can vary widely and are specifically tailored to you needs.

Chris Dombrowski, D.C.
Chris uses the very specific, “hands on back” adjusting  that most people associate with chiropractic care. When needed he can modify your care by using instrument or lower-force methods.  Most people enjoy the feeling of getting adjusted and he will make sure your visits are as comfortable as possible.

Fran Dombrowski, D.C.
If you like a softer touch, see Fran.  Fran expands the traditional model of chiropractic to include gentle ways of working with the spine while still getting effective results.  She uses the more typical manual methods as needed.