What Our Patients Say . . .

“I am virtually pain free after years of back aches and neck pain. I can’t imagine not seeing a chiropractor. It has really helped me.”
Pam, New Gloucester

“I really have felt much better since I have been going to Gray Chiropractic Center. I swear by chiropractic help.”
Janice, Standish

“I was having real bad headaches and my doctor recommended me to Gray Chiropractic Center. Four visits later and the headaches are all gone!!”
Phil, Gray

“I first saw Chris about 15 years ago for a variety of issues including carpel tunnel, disc problems in three areas and a rotated hip. Chris keeps me feeling healthy and pain free to enjoy all the things I do in my life and with the ability to keep working at a great job!”
Janet, Gray

“Gray Chiropractic does wonders for my insomnia.”
Annette, Gray